In preparation for the holy month of Ramadan .. To prepare food parcels campaign


With the approach of the holy month of Ramadan – the month of goodness ..Always remember the good people who support the poor families that need support because of the situation of poverty experienced by some families in the Gaza Strip.

Our appeal now to the owners of compassionate hearts and a pioneer in extending a helping hand and assistance to join us in supporting these families through the provision of food parcels in this blessed month.

Will be our primary goal is to provide food parcels for 50 needy families, will appreciate the situation later while getting support for the provision of food parcels to go beyond this limit from poor families to get to 100 families.

Donor can donate food parcels full or more .. And the value of each parcel is $ 40 a comprehensive basic needs such as food: sugar – flour – rice – oil – lentils .. Etc.

Waiting for your support for the delivery of help to anyone who is in dire need of such assistance.


Moka´s Family

These are Moka and her puppies. They were abandoned in a yard waste, we rescued them and now they are in a temporary home but we need to feed them as they are large size dogs they eat  45 lb per week .. help us to feed them.

Foto0708 Foto0732 Foto0734 Foto0773 Foto0779 Foto0789



Lucky, He is a male Dog almost a year old. We found him on the streets the people just past by and kick him but never feef him or help him . Now he is in treatment for to keep him alive but it is expensive.. Could You help? send a donation by paypal




Appeal to the owners of compassionate hearts


Our appeal to the owners of compassionate hearts who become accustomed to seeing them at the forefront to assist the Palestinian people in all categories ..

We put in your hands now is a medical condition of a pregnant woman suffering from thrombosis in the placenta nutrients to the fetus, as this case has spread in the Gaza Strip significantly after the Israeli war on Gaza in 2008/2009, and summed up the situation in the genes affected in the body of a pregnant woman and lead to the existence of clots in the placenta through which they provide themselves with the fetus and gets all the requirements of life and growth, and when there is this kind of thrombosis, that hinders the arrival of these requirements to him, and so stop life for the fetus and lead to mortality in the first weeks of pregnancy, but for a treat, summed up as follows :

Pregnant women need to two injections per day, or by injection every 12 hours, one of the type “heparin” at a specific time every day and either Takhadd throughout pregnancy or until the fifth month of pregnancy and the cost of $ 8 per injection.
The other type of injection unique “Frakseparan” and taken a shot all day at a specific time either during pregnancy or even the fifth month, according to estimates by the doctor, and the cost of $ 5 per injection.

So our appeal to you once again who has the ability to assist in providing the cost of some injections as possible because the family suffers from poverty and do not have the ability to provide this amount of injection on a daily basis, where the patient needs for the first type of injection, it has the desire to help .. Please communicate with us in particular, so that we can deliver assistance to this case.

People’s Peace Outreach Uganda


970400_464917593588309_2122226493_nBienveni Kazadi, the director at “People’s Peace Outreach Uganda”, helps men, women, and children that live in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement camp. Him and his family reached the camp in 1997, and have been there for the last 15 years.


The people at the camp have suffered a great deal, and still suffer to this day. Daily they struggle with poverty working hard to find food to eat, and having enough resources so the children can get to school. The girls who live in the camp are raped by nationals and men who are also refugees. Often the girls become pregnant by these men, so the girls raise their children without a father, and struggle to meet their needs. There are children living on the streets because both of their parents have died. These children are suffering, struggling to find food and clothes to wear.


The camp is located in Hoima Town, in the city of Kampala, which is in Uganda. Bienveni helps the people living in the camp daily. He diligently works to help them meet their basic needs. The people of Kyangwali Refugee Settlement camp need support from outside sources. Bienveni has asks for our help so he can fulfill his goals to help relieve the suffering of his people, possibly build an orphanage, help to restore homes, or to simply help to save their lives.



Why are people suffering in the Kyangwali Refugee Settlement camp?

  1. There is an over population of refugees from different countries.
  2. Child abuse.
  3. Girl child abuse. (Girls are producing too much without fathers.)
  4. Children are left on the street and eventually they start using drugs.
  5. No education for children because their parents in the camp are too poor, so most children in the camp do not go to school.
  6. Too much famine.
  7. There are no jobs in the camp.
  8. There are many conflicts in the camp, and people are killing themselves.
  9. No counseling in camp on how to live safely.
  10. No peace groups are in the camp.


The photo above is Bienveni and a girl who lives in their camp who is pregnant by a man who deceived her. She is also taking care of someone else’s child who she is carrying on her back. The child standing next to her is her child. Many children are taken on the street because they have no father, and their mothers are too poor to take care of them. In this photo, Bienveni asked the girl how he could help her, and her reply was for him to simply help her get her child to school.


The above photo is of a road that leads to the camp. As you can see their roads are in poor condition.


 In this photo, the boy in the red shirt was explaining to Bienveni how both of his parents died. He also told Bienveni that he cannot afford to go to school, and asked for his help. He gets food to eat by begging from other people.


 The photo above is of two orphans who live alone on the streets of the camp. Whatever food they come across to find, they eat, and where ever they can find a safe place to rest is where they sleep. These children were left on the street by their mother who had to go far away and find work.


 This above photo is a child who suffers from malnutrition. He is at the verge of having the disease, “Kwashiorkor”. His mother is having another child.


The photo above is of porridge that Bienveni Kazadi made for children.


The women in the photo above are volunteers who cooked food for the participants and the guests at the fame party of people’s peace outreach Uganda which was organized by the director, Bienveni Kazadi.

Gaza’s children entertainment project


A continuation of the projects that we have set up entertainment in the past years and documented on the website.

 We are in the process of implementing several projects in the next few weeks, and these projects are competent to the children of Gaza, who still suffer the presence of violence in the Palestinian territories, especially in the Gaza Strip.

 This geographical area small and inhabited by one million eight thousand Palestinian citizens suffer from a crippling blockade and a fierce war between now and then destroy the calm that they live within a few months to be surprised to escalate military brings them woes and tens or even hundreds of people including children, women and the elderly, most of them civilians.

 Therefore, we are coming to put between your hands our project entertainment, which will serve a handful of Gaza’s children who have lost part of their families in the ongoing violence in the Gaza Strip and also sick children suffered from a psychological condition is difficult because of hearing the sound of explosions from missiles huge received Israeli warplanes in residential areas civilian in the Gaza Strip.

Aim of this project is to service the minds of these children to change the atmosphere in their minds that you do not know, but the atmosphere of war, we do not, we must make these minds are looking for the flag, freedom and stability, we go to you and hope your support for us to support these children with all our efforts and energy to provide all of their material and moral and draw a smile back on the faces of these children.

We would like to inform you that you can support through Paypal Fund, which will find it in the right side of the website.

You can also support through the IBAN of the following account:

PS08  JOR0  05160  0230   5287   0369   006


For more details .. You can communicate

Palestinian child support project in the Gaza Strip(Niño palestino de apoyo al proyecto en la Franja de Gaza)


To complement the projects supporting the Palestinian children, and because of the many families who lost their homes during the war barbarism led the Israeli war machine, which led to the loss of children to care for, we in this project will preserve their right to living good, we aim through this project some displaced families and to ensure that sponsored their children in the study, clothing and school clothes and treatment of patients is capable of paying expenses treated, so we hope to those whose hearts are good and compassionate in all parts of the world to recognize more on what happened on the Palestinian child, especially in the Gaza Strip as a result of wars and the Israeli attacks on the spot geographical inhabited by one million eight hundred thousand Palestinians, and hope you can lend a hand and help by communicating via e-mail:


By Spanish Language :

Como complemento a los proyectos de apoyo a los niños palestinos, y debido a las muchas familias que perdieron sus hogares durante la guerra barbarie llevó la máquina de guerra israelí, que llevó a la pérdida de los hijos que cuidar, que en este proyecto conservará su derecho a vivir bueno, nuestro objetivo es a través de este proyecto algunas familias desplazadas y que garanticen que patrocinó a sus hijos en la ropa de estudio, ropa y escuela y el tratamiento de los pacientes es capaz de pagar los gastos de tratamiento, por lo que esperamos que aquellos cuyos corazones son buenos y compasivos en todas las partes de que el mundo reconozca más en lo que sucedió en el niño palestino, especialmente en la Franja de Gaza como consecuencia de las guerras y los ataques israelíes en el lugar geográfico habitado por 1.800.000 palestinos, y espero que pueda echar una mano y ayudar a mediante la comunicación vía e-mail:

Within the recreational activities for the children of Gaza

A number of children in a leisure activity which was organized on Tuesday, 17 / April / 2012, through some donations that were collected within the project support for the children of Gaza who have suffered and still suffer from the oppression of war and violence, which controls the Gaza Strip by the occupying Israel.

Some volunteers by extending aid and assistance and donated their time for the children of the Gaza Strip and Shadi Mahmoud the manager of the project for the children of Gaza said that the group is ready for any recreational activities new to the advancement and progress the children of the Gaza Strip weary sound of explosions and shelling to settle these actions in the minds of children and the remaining images of murder and bodies torn in their memories.

Shadi Mahmoud also thanked all the donors for such projects that contribute to the service of the Palestinian people, especially the category of children, and appealed to the whole world to stop Israeli occupation for his crimes against the Palestinian people and stop the war machine and the use of internationally prohibited weapons for the distortion in the bodies of civilians.


 There has been media coverage of a project for children in Gaza City, Sunday 19/6/2011 which targets children from 5-13 years.  We found children, smiling and happy, despite their only known existence as victims of the occupation, massacres, wars and the blockade. Their childish joy had been suppressed but shines through here. They play and laugh, with natural curiosity. This gives us hope of a brighter future where they can look forward to enjoying their childhood in peace and not in war!

This summer ‘playgroup’ has been set up after the academic school year and marks the start of the summer vacation. These children need structure and somewhere to play creatively, developing social skills and experiencing a positive environment.

When we walk around the centre we notice a true determination  by those involved to help these children experience ‘normality’ and enjoy play activities, despite the very difficult circumstances they find themselves in.

Efforts appear tireless and are worthy of this group of volunteers who seek to help the young children forget the misery of life in Palestine. They want to let the children be children and experience the joys of play, even here in this hard fought land.