There has been media coverage of a project for children in Gaza City, Sunday 19/6/2011 which targets children from 5-13 years.  We found children, smiling and happy, despite their only known existence as victims of the occupation, massacres, wars and the blockade. Their childish joy had been suppressed but shines through here. They play and laugh, with natural curiosity. This gives us hope of a brighter future where they can look forward to enjoying their childhood in peace and not in war!

This summer ‘playgroup’ has been set up after the academic school year and marks the start of the summer vacation. These children need structure and somewhere to play creatively, developing social skills and experiencing a positive environment.

When we walk around the centre we notice a true determination  by those involved to help these children experience ‘normality’ and enjoy play activities, despite the very difficult circumstances they find themselves in.

Efforts appear tireless and are worthy of this group of volunteers who seek to help the young children forget the misery of life in Palestine. They want to let the children be children and experience the joys of play, even here in this hard fought land.


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  1. Jez Cuthbert says:

    Hoping to be in Gaza in the latter half of July, if there’s anything I can do to help let me know.

  2. hayet says:

    Beautiful website! Very well done… and very clear:)
    InshAllah we can bring something for these children to give them hope in a better world!


  3. If it is so easy to ‘paint a smile’ on a child’s face I am happy to support you 🙂

  4. ahlamhelwa says:

    Bravo this is so important …..:-)

  5. ANNIE RIVERA says:


  6. cecilia says:

    Pues desde mi Pais que tambien se vive una situación de violencia,como puedo aportar un granito de arena? como podria hacerlo a mis posibilidades?

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