A continuation of the projects that we have set up entertainment in the past years and documented on the website.

 We are in the process of implementing several projects in the next few weeks, and these projects are competent to the children of Gaza, who still suffer the presence of violence in the Palestinian territories, especially in the Gaza Strip.

 This geographical area small and inhabited by one million eight thousand Palestinian citizens suffer from a crippling blockade and a fierce war between now and then destroy the calm that they live within a few months to be surprised to escalate military brings them woes and tens or even hundreds of people including children, women and the elderly, most of them civilians.

 Therefore, we are coming to put between your hands our project entertainment, which will serve a handful of Gaza’s children who have lost part of their families in the ongoing violence in the Gaza Strip and also sick children suffered from a psychological condition is difficult because of hearing the sound of explosions from missiles huge received Israeli warplanes in residential areas civilian in the Gaza Strip.

Aim of this project is to service the minds of these children to change the atmosphere in their minds that you do not know, but the atmosphere of war, we do not, we must make these minds are looking for the flag, freedom and stability, we go to you and hope your support for us to support these children with all our efforts and energy to provide all of their material and moral and draw a smile back on the faces of these children.

We would like to inform you that you can support through Paypal Fund, which will find it in the right side of the website.

You can also support through the IBAN of the following account:

PS08  JOR0  05160  0230   5287   0369   006


For more details .. You can communicate      Gazachildren01@gmail.com


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