Our appeal to the owners of compassionate hearts who become accustomed to seeing them at the forefront to assist the Palestinian people in all categories ..

We put in your hands now is a medical condition of a pregnant woman suffering from thrombosis in the placenta nutrients to the fetus, as this case has spread in the Gaza Strip significantly after the Israeli war on Gaza in 2008/2009, and summed up the situation in the genes affected in the body of a pregnant woman and lead to the existence of clots in the placenta through which they provide themselves with the fetus and gets all the requirements of life and growth, and when there is this kind of thrombosis, that hinders the arrival of these requirements to him, and so stop life for the fetus and lead to mortality in the first weeks of pregnancy, but for a treat, summed up as follows :

Pregnant women need to two injections per day, or by injection every 12 hours, one of the type “heparin” at a specific time every day and either Takhadd throughout pregnancy or until the fifth month of pregnancy and the cost of $ 8 per injection.
The other type of injection unique “Frakseparan” and taken a shot all day at a specific time either during pregnancy or even the fifth month, according to estimates by the doctor, and the cost of $ 5 per injection.

So our appeal to you once again who has the ability to assist in providing the cost of some injections as possible because the family suffers from poverty and do not have the ability to provide this amount of injection on a daily basis, where the patient needs for the first type of injection, it has the desire to help .. Please communicate with us in particular, so that we can deliver assistance to this case.


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  1. anna rita caboni says:

    I think they are trying, really hard to eliminate the palestinian.. 😦

  2. john walton says:

    can i donate by western union or Money gram ??

  3. hellion says:

    My heart and my prayers are with you all.
    Free for people palestian

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