We are a group of committed volunteers from several places worldwide, concerned with people of all ages and animals around the globe who suffer for various reasons. Throughout our world, there are many victims of war, people who suffer from poverty and people who experience psychological damage because of these occurrences.

Our concern is also for animals that suffer from homelessness and disease.

It is our goal to help reach those who are less fortunate with loving intentions, and show them through our actions, that we care about them and want to help raise them out of despair.

Our committed team of volunteers works diligently on various projects to help those who are suffering. Hopefully, along with your help, we can work together and continue to create a better world for all. With an effort to succeed in our projects, we are looking for positive ideas and donations, to help lift our children and others above the pain of war, horror, poverty, disease, and mental illness from which they suffer.

Please take time to look over our projects for the needy, to see how you can help us reach our goals.

In order for our projects to become a reality, we need your support.


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  1. Amanda Martin says:

    Your cause is one worth supporting and I will donate now. Peace Be and Good Luck from Ireland

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