we believe God create humans and animals with his own hands that´s why we help them too . Grace’s Ark a nonprofit organization located in Montemorelos, N.L. Mexico.   The organization specializes in the welfare of animals in our town and surrounding areas. We work closely with the community to raise awareness on the importance of spaying/neutering, animal overpopulation, promote responsible adoption and prevention of animal cruelty.

we pick the animals from the streets to help them if they are sick we take them to the vet and then we find a temporary home and then a forever home because we don´t have a Shelter to put them while they get a forever home. We would love your help to build a good shelter to help thousands of animals .They need us now

In Adoption Adoption Adoption Arenita Foto0411 Foto0412 recovering Foto0414 cat being spaying Surgerys Foto0418 he was on the streets Foto0428 Foto0429 This doggy was Spayed Misstreat Sick and Dying


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